Martinsville's City Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Collecting taxes
  • Accepting payments for city utilities, landfill fees, and business licenses
  • Issuing dog licenses
  • Sale of cigarette tax stamps
  • Collection of state and estimated income taxes
  • Providing accountability for funds paid to the City

In addition to collecting taxes, the office also collects utility payments on behalf of the city. Requests for service, extensions, and other utility amendments must be processed through the Utility Billing Office.

The office offers the convenience of in-person, in-office payments including major credit cards. A drive-through window is available for customers who cannot come into the office but have the bill for payment. A lockbox is also located adjacent to the drive-through for payments.

Make Payments

You can make inquiries and payments for real estate taxes, personal property taxes, business licenses, general bills, and utility bills through Martinsville Citizen Self Service using eCheck or credit card. There is a $.50 cent fee for eCheck processing. The convenience fee on the credit card is based on the amount of the transaction. The minimum fee for the credit card is $2.