The Finance Department is responsible for maintaining accurate financial data in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.  The responsibilities of staff of the Finance Department include:

  • Maintaining a chart of accounts and general ledger
  • Properly coding all expenditures and revenues to the applicable budget lines 
  • Processing payroll, risk management, procurement, and accounts payable and receivable 
  • Coordinating the annual independent audit
  • Maintaining an accountability of fixed assets. 

The Finance Department aims to assist all areas of the local government in making sure that Martinsville citizen’s needs are met.

Accounting services are also provided for the Blue Ridge Regional Library, Piedmont Criminal Justice Training Academy, Dan River Alcohol Safety Action Program, and the Smith River Sports Complex.

Financial Documents

Annual Budgets

View annual budget documents in the Archive Center.

Annual Audits

View annual audits in the Archive Center.

FY 2023 Audit

View the Delayed Audit Completion statement in regard to the FY23 audit.

Outside Agency Funding Documents