Planning & Zoning


Zoning provides the backbone and master plan for Martinsville's overall development. The city's zoning overlay features different types of zoning, most with sub-types used to classify permitted uses. Proper zoning, supervised and endorsed by the Planning Commission in accordance with the city's master development plan, maintains distinct residential, commercial and industrial zones and comfortable buffers between those zones.

The Zoning Ordinance was first adopted in 1964. Since then, many changes have occurred within our city. The City of Martinsville is progressive and makes changes to the ordinance as needed. The City of Martinsville is divided into 10 different zoning categories according to the predominant land uses, size of lots and types of businesses existing in the various areas.

Residentially zoned properties (R-C, R-N, R-E, and R-T) are primarily residential homes with different lot sizes and setback requirements. (Set-backs are the distance a structure must be from property lines or right-of-ways.) Commercial districts are for retail businesses both neighborhood-oriented and regional. Most of these sites are along major roadways throughout the city. Economic Development districts are for light and heavy manufacturing. All zones have restrictions for the types of businesses, parking and landscaping.

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Contact Us

Although the Zoning Ordinance is long and somewhat complex, the City staff is ready and able to answer questions you may have before you start your next project.

For more information on rezonings, special use permits, and zoning code amendments, please contact: 

  • Kris Bridges, Zoning Administrator
    Phone: 276-403-5171
  • Hannah Powell, Community Development Specialist
    Phone: 276-403-5156