Confidentiality Policy

All client information obtained while employed as a staff member, intern, or volunteer of the Martinsville Victim/Witness Program will be held in the strictest of confidence from any outside person or agency.

Any information pertinent to any criminal case investigation or prosecution-past, present and future-may be discussed with the Martinsville Commonwealth's Attorney's Office and client information pertinent to any criminal investigations or prosecutions may be disseminated to agencies responsible for that cause.

When preparing reports, responding to surveys or requests from the media, or providing educational presentation, only non-identifying information will be disseminated.

All records containing confidential information will be maintained securely and shall be accessible only to representatives of the Martinsville Victim/Witness Program or their representatives.

The only exceptions to confidentiality include:

  • Client requests in writing that the program release information;
  • Client makes a report of child or elder abuse;
  • Client threatens to hurt self and/or others; and
  • Court order or law order requires disclosure.