Business Licensing

The City of Martinsville's business license calendar year begins January 1 and ends December 31 of each year.  All Business License Applications shall be filed on or before March 1 of each year with the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue:
P.O. Box 1222
Martinsville, VA 24114-1222. 

All gross receipts, or purchases, or amounts submitted on the Business License Application will be considered an estimated amount unless verified by a federal IRS Schedule C (if an individual), or IRS Form 1065 (if a partnership), or IRS Form 1120 (if a corporation) or other records that will coincide with Federal IRS Schedules and Forms mentioned. 

If the federal IRS Schedules or Forms are not available by March 1, please send such verification by April 15 (if calendar year filer) or within 3 months and 15 days from the close of your taxable year (if a fiscal year filer).  If you file a consolidated federal tax return, please have your CPA, tax accountant or tax director, etc., send the Commissioner's office a notarized letter stating gross receipts, or purchases, or amounts, whichever is applicable, on all business conducted at the Martinsville business location.

View a printable copy of the Business License Application (PDF)

Information Required to Apply for a Business License

Specific information is required of new business license applicants and existing licensees that wish to change the status of a business license.

  • Social Security Number for individuals and/or Federal ID
  • If incorporated, a copy of your Corporation Certificate from the State Corporation Commission
  • Beginning date of business
  • Business location and mailing address for renewals.
  • Proof of residence required for home business locations. Applicants may operate from their residence upon prior approval from the Zoning Division of the Community Development Office 276-403-5169.
  • Phone number, fax number and e-mail address 
  • Actual or estimated gross receipts
  • Signature (notarized if not signed before a Commissioner's Deputy)
  • Assumed Name Certificate (PDF) - Must be registered with the Martinsville Clerk of Court. The fee is $10 and is payable to the Martinsville Clerk of Court. Each assumed name constitutes a separate business and business license
  • Completed Certificate of Insurance for Contractors (PDF)

Business license tax payable to: Treasurer - City of Martinsville. Please mail license application and check(s) to the Commissioner of the Revenue:
P.O. Box 1222
Martinsville, VA 24114

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Phone:  (276) 403-5131
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City of Martinsville Business License Categories & Rates

All applicants for business licenses are counseled regarding business license requirements prior to the license being issued by the Commissioner of the Revenue. Business entities are classified by industry type and assessed at a tax rate set by the City Council.

Gross Receipts Thresholds and Minimum Fees Effective January 1, 2015

Every business required to obtain a license under the city's business license ordinance shall submit an annual business license application and pay the license tax outlined below:

  • Verified Gross Receipts Under $10,000 - No license tax, but annual reporting required.
  • Verified Gross Receipts Between $10,001 to $100,000 - $30
  • Verified Gross Receipts over $100,001 - License tax calculated based on rates below.

Business Category & Tax Rates

Business CategoryTax Rates
Contractors0.0010 of gross receipts
Retail Sales0.0020 of gross receipts
Financial, Real Estate, and Professional Services0.0058 of gross receipts
Repair, Personal, and Business Services0.0036 of gross receipts
Wholesale Sales0.0005 of gross purchases
Carnivals, Circuses, etc.$150 per day
Fortune Tellers, Clairvoyants, etc.$1,000 per year
Utilities.0050 of gross receipts
Itinerant Merchants$50 annually per site
Peddlers$50 annually
Direct SellersOn gross receipts over $4000 - 0.0020 of retail gross receipts or 0.0005 of wholesale gross purchases