Snow Clearing

Public Works Priority Policy for Snow Removal

  • Streets in the City of Martinsville are plowed in order of priority. Arterial/main routes such as Commonwealth Boulevard, Memorial Boulevard, Market Street, Liberty St., Spruce Street, Rives Road, East Church Street, etc. are cleared first. Neighborhood collector streets such as Clearview Drive, Fayette Street, Mulberry Road, Starling Avenue, Chatham Heights Road, etc. are plowed second. The remaining residential streets are the last streets to be plowed. City-maintained parking lots and crosswalks at intersections in the Uptown area are cleared after all other public streets have been plowed.
  • Public Works plows will clear ahead of emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire equipment, and police vehicles if requested by these agencies.
  • Section 19-20 of the City Code stipulates that occupants of the property (or the owner if the property is unoccupied) are responsible for clearing the sidewalk in front of their property. This includes sidewalks in front of Uptown businesses.
  • Residents should refrain from parking vehicles on the street during and after snow events to allow City equipment to clear the entire street.
  • If residents or businesses clear private driveways or parking lots before the street is cleared, they should be aware that as City equipment plows the street, snow may be pushed back along the curb blocking the driveway and access to mailboxes. The City is not responsible for clearing blocked driveways or providing access to mailboxes.
  • As per Section 19-5 of the City Code, residents and contractors who clear private driveways and parking lots shall not push snow into the street so as to obstruct any public street, sidewalk or right-of-way.
  • A decision regarding trash collection will be made as soon as possible the following morning. If conditions are such that collection is cancelled, Tuesday through Thursday routes will be collected on the next day. Friday's route will be collected the following Monday.

Any questions concerning this policy should be directed to the Public Works Office at 276-403-5154.