Public Safety: Maintain a Safe Environment for City-Henry County Residents

  • Key Outcomes: Maintain safe neighborhoods
  • Success Indicator: Identify crime levels by neighborhood
  • Supporting Goal: Develop a neighborhood safety and crime metrics system
  • Performance Measure: Metrics in place
  • Lead Responsibility: Police Department
  • Priority: Mid-range


  1. The comprehensive crime analysis in place, will start posting crime rates monthly on MPD Facebook page December 2017 (Guy Cassady - November 13, 2017)
  2. The comprehensive crime analysis software is in place and fully functional. Raids online is still publicly available. (Sean Dunn - June 14, 2017)
  3. A comprehensive crime analysis software system is being deployed during mid-March 2017. This will provide us with additional crime fighting information. (Sean Dunn - March 3, 2017)
  4. The MPD is making progress with the upgraded Records Management System, which should be live this year. (Sean Dunn - October 24, 2016)
  5. Our continued focus on crime by neighborhood, street and block has led to the reduction of Part I crime by 25% through June 2016. During this same time period, Violent Crime dropped by 56%. (Sean Dunn - October 24, 2016)
  6. The MPD has partnered with BAIR Analytics - Raidsonline to allow crime information to be shared with community members. (Sean Dunn - June 21, 2016)
  7. The MPD received grant funding to purchase a comprehensive Crime Analysis Software Program to allow up-to-the-minute evaluation of crime based on neighborhood, geographic location, crime type, suspect, modus operandi, etc. (Sean Dunn - June 21, 2016)
  8. This document is augmented by quarterly reports throughout the year to afford updates and accountability. (Sean Dunn - June 21, 2016)
  9. The MPD has established a mechanism to compile and disseminate annual crime stats and information to City Council and community members. This document is referred to as the MPD Annual Report. (Sean Dunn - June 21, 2016)