Education: Create, Establish & Promote a High Quality Educational System That Meets Personal & Professional Needs of Our Citizens & Acts as a Driver for Economic Development

  • Key Outcomes: Prepare students to become college, career, and citizenship ready
  • Success Indicator: Reduce achievement gaps among all students
  • Supporting Goals: Increase the percentage of minority students who obtain an advanced diploma and seek post-secondary educational opportunities
  • Performance Measure: Number of students with advanced diplomas and seeking post-secondary study
  • Lead Responsibility: School Board, PHCC, NCI, American National University, Workforce Investment Board
  • Priority: Immediate


  1. 100% of graduating students attained workforce readiness certifications in 2016/2017. College scholarships dispersed in 2016/2017 were approximately 2.5 million dollars. (Janie Fulcher - October 4, 2017)