Community Development: Provide an Attractive, Safe, Active & Creative Community with a Great Quality of Life

  • Key Outcomes: Expansion and growth of retail, dining, cultural and educational opportunities.
  • Success Indicator: Comprehensive transformation plan for the City.
  • Supporting Goals: Support C-PEG's small business development; EDC; Start-Up Martinsville; and other similar initiatives.
  • Performance Measure: Number of communities reviewed and completed implementation plan.
  • Lead Responsibility: Community Development
  • Priority: Immediate to long term


  1. The Community Business Launch project was completed in 2016 with the addition/expansion of 5 new businesses planned for Uptown Martinsville (Leon Towarnicki - January 27, 2017)
  2. The small business initiative has commenced with the emphasis on Uptown. However, in speaking with existing and soon-to-be business owners, a more concerted effort in marketing the Uptown is necessary. (Wayne Knox - July 27, 2016)

Explanation of Data

  • 98 new business licenses issued in 2017
  • 45 licensed businesses closed in 2017