Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2017

The Strategic Plan focuses on 8 core areas of local government importance, and each one has its own key outcomes, goals, and performance measures. The 2017 Update is a team effort resulting from City Council's strategic planning process in March, 2017 that included a joint session with Martinsville City School administration and School Board.

The Strategic Plan is intended to be an interactive and living document, continuously updated to show citizens and the general public the status of ongoing efforts focused on implementing the vision established by the City's elected Council members. The document will also be regularly updated, reflecting the changing needs and priorities of Martinsville. Questions and comments regarding the City's Strategic Plan are encouraged and should be directed to the City Manager's Office, telephone at 276-403-5185.

Special Thanks

Thanks to New College Institute and Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation for providing images that promote our Strategic Plan Initiatives.